How To Keep Your Kids Focused, Disciplined, Fit and Away from Electronics
...While having Fun and Building Self-Confidence!
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What Our Students Learn
Intro To Bully Defense

An introduction to simple verbal Tae Kwon Do strategies to develop confidence with a simple plan of action against bullying.

Sparring Drills

Advanced Kid Tigers learn footwork, agility, distancing, timing and sportsmanship with the confidence to face and opponent using courtesy and manners.

Kicking & Target Training

Helps learn focus, balance, concentration and accuracy while strengthening muscles and ligaments necessary for various athletic endeavors.

Physical Literacy

Introduction to physical fitness, stretching for flexibility and blood flow enhancing muscle and ligament development for limb control, balance and strength promotes good posture and healthy weight for better appetite and sleep.

Skill Games

Skill games develop motor skills, teach right and left, enhance listening, timing and judgment, while incorporating personal challenge and control.

Blocking and Evading Techniques

Enhances awareness, reaction, reflex, personal safety and coordination.

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